How to Write an Awesome Pharmacy Technician Resume

Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists, usually in a retail setting, by helping them prepare prescriptions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacy technician jobs will increase by 25 percent until 2018, making prospects strong for earning a position in the field. After acquiring the education and experience required for a pharmacy technician position, you can craft a resume that will land you the right job.


1. Write an objective for your resume. The Purdue Online Writing Lab suggests that your resume’s objective take a user-centered angle, telling the company how you will help them. In this case, your objective should identify the ways in which your skill set will help the pharmacy to which you’re applying. For example, your objective can read: “Help C&C Pharmacy expand its client base by providing personalized, knowledgeable customer service as a pharmacy technician.”

2. List your education background as it relates to the pharmacy field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most pharmacies require technicians to go through a formal technician education program, which is often available through a hospital, community college or vocational school. List the program name and dates you attended. If you did not complete a program, you can list pharmacy-related courses that you took at the postsecondary level.

3. Include your work experience that relates to the pharmacy technician position. If you have worked as a pharmacy technician in the past, list the organizations for which you worked, along with your dates of employment. Also, write the specific tasks you performed using strong, actionable verbs. If your previous work experience does not relate to pharmacy, focus on tying your job tasks to the field. For example, any customer service experience is valuable since pharmacy technicians have to interact with patients and answer questions about their prescriptions.

4. List your state pharmacy certification if you have one. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that most states require pharmacy technicians to have licenses through the board of pharmacy. If you have already earned your license, this can put you at an advantage over other job candidates. List the license name as well as the date when you earned it and the date when it expires under a “Licenses” section.

5. List any professional memberships you have in pharmacy organizations. Such memberships show your commitment to networking within the field and expanding your level of knowledge. Membership–and participation–in organizations like the American Pharmacists Association or Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International show your connection to the field of pharmacy.