Medication Order Entry and Fill Process Online Practice Exam

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Practice Exam Example:


What is the subscription on a prescription?


  • A —The subscription on a prescription provides the pharmacist with special compounding instructions.


This Online Practice Exam is for Chapter:  Medication Order Entry and Fill Process   (REVIEW QUESTIONS).

           Chapter Objectives
           Upon completion of Chapter 6, the pharmacy technician student will be able to
           1. Recall the tasks a pharmacy technician may perform during the prescription filling process.
           2. Explain the purpose and importance of a pharmacy policies and procedures manual.
           3. Do the following regarding pharmacy language:
               •  Recall the meaning of the various medical and pharmacy abbreviations that may appear on a patient’s prescription,medication order, or patient profile.
               •  Discriminate between the various root words, prefixes, and suffixes that are used to create the medical terminology that pharmacy technicians may be exposed to in their practice of pharmacy.
               •  Explain the meaning of the various root words, prefixes, and suffixes used in medicine.
           4. Discuss the prescription filling process, including:
               •  Name the methods by which a prescription may be presented in a pharmacy.
               •  Identify the different types of prescription or medication orders.
               •  Describe each step in the prescription filling process.
               •  List the required information on a prescription and medication order.
           5. Name and explain the meaning of the various dispense as written (DAW) codes that are used in data entry.
           6. Discuss the labeling process, including:
               •  Differentiate between the information required on the various types of labels.
               •  List the information that is required to be included on a repackaging log.
           7. Explain unit-dose packaging procedures, including:
               •  Differentiate between expiration date and beyond-use dating.
               •  Identify the information required to complete a unit-dose log.
           8. Discuss packaging requirements, including:
               •  Identify the various types containers used in filling prescription.
               •  Interpret the terminology associated with the various storage temperatures.
           9. List the information contained in a patient product insert and the types of medication that require a patient product insert be provided to a patient.
         10. Identify drug distribution systems and provide examples of automated dispensing systems.

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