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To become a Pharmacy Technician you must pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam.You can go to Pharmacy Technician Training Schools and Complete the Pharmacy Technician course,or you can self-study Pharmacy Technician Course. We provide full online Pharmacy Technician Course Resource and online Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Tests to help you pass Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

Practice Exam Example:


Which of the following medications requires that a patient product insert be provided to the patient?


C —A pharmacy is required to provide patient package inserts to all patients receiving metered- dose inhalers, oral contraceptives, estrogen, pro- gesterone, and Accutane.

This Online Practice Exam is for Chapter:  Medication Safety   (REVIEW QUESTIONS).

          Chapter Objectives
          Upon completion of Chapter 4, the pharmacy technician student will be able to
          1. List the five patient rights.
          2. Discuss medication errors, including:
              •  Differentiate between the various types of medication errors and the characteristics of each.
              •  Recall the various causes of medication errors.
              •  Explain the Medication Error Reporting and Prevention classification of medication errors.
          3. Discuss safety strategy resources, including:
              •  Identify the various agencies that are involved in medication safety.
              •  Name the goals of The Joint Commission to improve patient safety.
              •  Discuss the various Institute of Safe Medication Practices’ resources and tools available to pharmacies to reduce medication errors.
          4. Describe the responsibilities of the pharmacist in medication error prevention, and list examples of drug classifications that should be avoided in elderly adults.
          5. Describe the requirements of inventory maintenance in avoiding medication errors.
          6. Identify the agencies that track medication errors and Medication Error Reporting and Prevention recommendations.
          7. Explain the advantages of electronic prescribing and automation in prescription processing and provide examples.
          8. Identify strategies that can be used by pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and pharmacies to ensure medication errors are reduced.

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