Pharmacy Inventory Management Online Practice Exam

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Practice Exam Example:


Who establishes the formulary for an institution?


C —The pharmacy and therapeutics committee (P&T) establishes and maintains the formulary for an institution. The pharmacist in charge (PIC) may be a member of the P&T committee.


This Online Practice Exam is for Chapter:  Pharmacy Inventory Management   (REVIEW QUESTIONS)

          Chapter Objectives
          Upon completion of Chapter 7, the pharmacy technician student will be able to
          1. Define inventory, the importance of inventory management, and the mechanisms used to obtain inventory management goals in the practice of pharmacy.
          2. Identify the various types of inventories performed in the practice of pharmacy.
          3. Explain the purpose of National Drug Code (NDC) numbers, lot numbers, expiration dates, and beyond-use dates.
          4. Discuss the purpose of a formulary in the practice of pharmacy.
          5. Discuss the ordering and receiving process,including:
              •  Recognize the various factors that should be considered during the procurement of medications.
              •  Differentiate between the various sources where medications may be obtained.
              •  List the components of a purchase order.
              •  State the steps to be followed when receiving medications.
              •  Discuss the various types of unit-dose systems.
          6. Recall the terminology established by the USP involving the storage of medications.
          7. Discuss medication disposition, including:
              •  Differentiate between the various types of drug recalls.
              •  Explain the steps involved with drug recalls.
              •  Differentiate between pharmacy waste and hazardous waste.
              •  Cite examples of the various types of hazardous waste.
          8. Explain the use of investigational new drugs, including:
              •  Identify the processes involved in new drug development.
              •  Discuss the ordering, storage, usage, and disposition of investigational drugs.
          9. Identify the security mechanisms used in the practice of pharmacy.
        10. Define the various financial accounting terms used in inventory management.

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