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Practice Exam Example:


Which of the following is not true regarding TJC’s policies regarding the pharmacy in an institution?


C —The pharmacy is not permitted to accept pro- fessional samples.


This Online Practice Exam is for Chapter:  Pharmacy Quality Assurance   (REVIEW QUESTIONS).

          Chapter Objectives
          Upon completion of Chapter 5, the pharmacy technician student will be able to
          1. Differentiate between quality control and quality assurance.
          2. Identify organizations and the role they play in providing quality assurance practices in the practice of pharmacy, including:
              •  List The Joint Commission (TJC) Initiatives.
              •  List the various resources the Institute of Safe Medication Practices makes available to pharmacies to reduce the occurrence of medication errors.
              •  Identify the MERP Information Guidelines.
          3. Discuss pharmacy staff guidelines for quality assurance practices, including:
              •  Differentiate between policies and procedures.
              •  State the areas that TJC’s Pharmacy Infection Control Policies and Procedures address.
          4. Explain medication dispensing process guidelines, including the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’Guidelines on Quality Assurance for Pharmacy-Prepared Products.
          5. Recall the various methods to prevent prescription errors, including:
              •  Differentiate between MedWatch and the Medication Errors Reporting Program (MERP).
              •  Differentiate between the various types of forms used in documentation.
          6. Discuss quality assurance practices in the pharmacy environment.
          7. Discuss various risk management guidelines used in pharmacies.
          8. Explain the importance of communication in the pharmacy, the communication process, and the principles of customer service.

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