Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in Idaho

Required Documents Pharmacy Technician in Training & Certified Pharmacy Technician

The following requirements must be met with the submission of the application
1. Answer all questions,if a question does not apply enter ‘N/A’ for Not Applicable
2. Registration Fee-amount indicated on the application
3. Proof of High School Graduation, equivalent, or greater: submit a copy of one of the following;
* High School Diploma
* High School or College Transcripts that indicate date of graduation or,
* Waiver Request-The Executive Director of the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy has authority to approve waivers under two conditions;
* The applicant is at least 16 years old and is enrolled in a school supervised program or,
* The applicant is at least 16 years old and is the child of the pharmacy owner
4. Copy of government issued photo ID – (Do not fax as they are unreadable and the picture unrecognizable)
* Driver’s License or
* Passport
5. Completed Fingerprints–To request a fingerprint packet send an email to
* All are required to submit fingerprints, see below for exceptions to this requirement
* See ‘Fingerprinting Processing Instructions’ form for the current background check fee
6. Non-Criminal Justice Applicant Privacy Statement–included in fingerprint packet

Source from: Idaho State Board of Pharmacy