Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in Nevada

What are the requirements for a Pharmaceutical Technician to be issued a certificate of registration?

A person applying for registration as a Pharmaceutical Technician must:
* Be 18 years of age or older;
* Be a high school graduate or the equivalent;
* Not have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor that involves moral turpitude, dishonesty or the unlawful possession, sale or use of drugs;
* Have no history of drug abuse; and
* Have complied with one of the following requirements:

          • Is licensed or registered as a pharmaceutical technician in a state that licenses or registers pharmaceutical technicians, if the requirements for registration in that state are equivalent to the requirements of this State, and the successful completion of at least 240 hours of employment as a pharmaceutical technician in a pharmacy in that state, which must be verified by the managing pharmacist of the pharmacy.
          • Completed 1,500 hours in Nevada as a registered pharmaceutical technician-in-training;
          • Graduated from a school accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) and have completed 350 hours in Nevada as a registered pharmaceutical technician-in-training; or
          • Graduated from a school in another state that is not accredited by ASHP and have passed the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s (PTCB) national examination.
The successful completion of a program of training for pharmaceutical technicians conducted by a branch of the Armed Forces of the United States, the Indian Health Service of the United States Department of Health and Human Services or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

What are the duties of a Pharmaceutical Technician?

Under the direct supervision of a pharmacist, a Pharmaceutical Technician may:

• Repackage and label unit dose and unit of use, and repackage drugs;
• Prepare, package, compound and label prescription drugs that pertain to prescriptions;
• Mix drugs with parenteral fluids;
• Prepare bulk compounds;
• Distribute routine orders and stock medications and supplies in the pharmacy or areas where care is provided to patients;
• Maintain inventories of supplies of drugs;
• Maintain pharmaceutical records;
• Request authorization to refill a prescription from the prescribing practitioner; and
• Transfer a prescription though a computer network if:The pharmaceutical technician is employed by a pharmacy that:Has more than one location; and Maintains a computer network which provides information between its pharmacies; and Prescription is transferred to one of the pharmacies within its computer network.

Source from: Nevada State Board of Pharmacy