Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in New Hampshire

Registration Information

All pharmacy technicians working in New Hampshire pharmacies must be registered with the Board of Pharmacy. A pharmacy technician is defined as a person employed by a pharmacy who may assist in performing (under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist) manipulative, non discretionary functions associated with the practice of pharmacy and other such duties and subject to such restrictions as the Board has specified.

A registration certificate will be issued, by the Board, to each registered technician. Certificates should be posted/kept on file in the prescription department area of the pharmacy you are employed by.

(a) No person shall perform the functions or duties of a pharmacy technician unless such person is registered by the board.
(b) Application form PT-1 for registration of pharmacy technicians in New Hampshire may be obtained from and shall be filed at the office of the board, identified in Ph 103.03.
(c) An applicant for registration as a registered pharmacy technician shall meet the following requirements:
     (1) Be at least 16 years of age and either have a high school or equivalent diploma, or be working to achieve a high school or equivalent diploma;
     (2) Be of good moral character;
     (3) Shall not have been convicted of a drug related felony or admitted to sufficient facts to warrant such findings; and Adopted Rule – 11/19/14 2
     (4) Shall have 80 hours of on the job training and be registered with the board within 15 days.
(d) Training shall be documented by the pharmacist in charge and be retrievable upon inspection.
(e) A registered pharmacy technician applying for registration as a registered certified pharmacy technician shall meet the following additional requirements:
     (1) A registered pharmacy technician shall become eligible to attain certified pharmacy technician status after a minimum of 600 hours of training under the direction of a pharmacist and by passing a nationally recognized certification exam recognized by the board; and
     (2) A registered pharmacy technicians, with duties involving sterile and non-sterile compounding shall complete a board approved training program before applying for certified pharmacy technician status.
(f) Applicants for registration shall submit an application form PT-1 for registration to the board that contains the following:
     (1) Name, residence address, home telephone number and social security number of the applicant;
     (2) Date and place of birth of the applicant;
     (3) Name of current employer and address of employ ment site; and
     (4) Applicant’s signature and date.
(g) Shall truthfully answer questions on the form regarding any previous felony convictions or convictions for any drug-related offenses.
(h) Submit with application PT-1 the prescribed fee of $50.
(i) No registered pharmacy technician shall act as a certified pharmacy technician unless their certification is current and in good standing. Any one who does not maintain  certification shall notify the board and the pharmacist in charge within 15 days of the lapse of certification. The person shall immediately become a registered pharmacy technician
and shall no longer perform the additional duties of a certified pharmacy technician.
(j) Pharmacy technician applicants with previous out of state experience shall meet the requirements set by the board before obtaining certification status.

Source from: New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy