Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in New Mexico

What are the training requirements for pharmacy Technicians?

Technician must become a certified pharmacy technician with in 1 year of beginning employment/registering as a pharmacy technician. Technicians must complete the following training requirements:
(1)  federal and state laws and regulations that affect pharmacy practice; specific regulations which address the use of supportive personnel and technicians;
(2)  ethical and professional standards of practice;
(3)  medical and pharmaceutical terminology, symbols and abbreviations used in the practice of pharmacy and components of a prescription;
(4)  pharmaceutical calculations necessary for the preparation and dispensing of drug products;
(5)  manufacturing, preparation, packaging,labeling and proper storage of drug products;
(6)  dosage forms and routes of administration; and
(7)  trade and generic names for medications frequently dispensed by the pharmacy;
(8)  basic comprehension of pharmacology;
(9)  basic knowledge of appropriate pharmacy references.

Is pharmacy technician certification the same thing as “pharmacy technician training”?

No. Pharmacy technician certification is a national certification. Pharmacy technician training is a state requirement that must be completed prior to registration as a certified pharmacy technician.

Source from: New Mexico Board of Pharmacy