Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in South Dakota

Requirements for Pharmacy Technicians

A pharmacy technician is an individual registered by the board who is in a technician training program or who is employed by a licensed pharmacy located in South Dakota. The pharmacy technician assists in the technical functions of the practice of pharmacy, enabling the pharmacist to provide pharmaceutical care to the patient. The supervising pharmacist is responsible for the actions of a pharmacy technician.

The registration program for pharmacy technicians was established for the purposes of identification, tracking, and disciplinary action. The registration does not include any determination by the board of the competency of the registered individual.

A pharmacy technician is required to register with the board by completing and submitting an application for registration within 30 days of accepting employment as a pharmacy technician in a South Dakota pharmacy. An individual who fails to register as a pharmacy technician may be subject to disciplinary sanctions. A person who is in a college-based technician training program is required to obtain a pharmacy technician registration prior to beginning on-site practical experience.

Registered pharmacist-interns are exempt from pharmacy technician registration.

Registrations expire on October 31 each year. Renewal applications are sent to each pharmacy approximately one month prior to expiration.  If you do not receive a renewal application at your place of employment, please contact the Board of Pharmacy office at 605-362-2737.

Pharmacy technicians are required to report to the board, within 10 days, a change of name, address, or pharmacy employment.

Source from: South Dakota State Board of Pharmacy