Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in Tennessee

(1) Any person acting as a pharmacy technician shall register with the Board by submitting a complete application on a form prescribed by the Board
(2) Pharmacy technicians must wear appropriate identification showing name and appropriate title ( technician, certified pharmacy technician).
(3) All pharmacy technician functions shall be performed under the supervision of a pharmacist,who shall direct and verify the accuracy of all pharmacy technician functions.
(4) A registered technician shall maintain his or her registration certificate at the pharmacy practice site; additionally, all certified technicians shall display in like manner evidence
of certification. Pharmacy technicians shall possess at all times, while on duty, proof of registration and proof of certification, if applicable.
(5) All registered technicians shall immediately notify the board in writing of any change of address or employer.

Registration Fees

Application Fee

State Regulatory Fee

Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check

All applicants are responsible for scheduling and/or making arrangements for completing a criminal background check.

Source from: Tennessee Board of Pharmacy