Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in Vermont

A pharmacy technician is “an individual who performs tasks relative to dispensing and only while assisting and under the supervision and control of a licensed pharmacist.” 26 V.S.A. § 2022 (13). This includes prescription data entry, drug selection from inventory, counting and labeling and pharmaceutical ordering and shelf stocking in the prescription department. Cashiers and delivery people who enter or have access to the prescription department must register as pharmacy technicians. (See Part 5 of the Board’s Rules)
Your application must be complete before it will be sent to the Board for review. Applicable statute:26 V.S.A. §2042a -2042b. See also Part 5 of the Board’s Rules.

You must submit the following:
1. Completed application, signed and dated on last page.
2. Registration fee of $ 50.00 . Please make your check payable to A Vermont Secretary of State.@Application/registration fees are non-refundable.
3. If applicable, provide a copy of your certificate of pharmacy technician training,” and indicate where acquired.
Note: Formal training is not required for registration.A Pharmacy Technician shall wear a name badge (first name and title, “Pharmacy Technician”) while working in the prescription department (See Board Rule 5.2 (c).

NOTE:All licensees renew on a fixed 24 month schedule: July 31 (odd numbered years). Applicants issued an initial registration more than 90 days prior to the renewal date will be required to renew and pay the renewal fee. Initial registrations issued within 90 days of the renewal date will not be required to renew and pay the renewal fee.

Source from: Vermont Board of Pharmacy