Pharmacy Technicians Requirements in West Virginia

 “Pharmacy Technician” means registered supportive personnel who work under the direct supervision of a pharmacist who have passed an approved training program.


1- I would like to become nationally certified as a pharmacy technician, and would like to know how I do it, how much it costs, and where I had to go to take the certification exam?

ANSWER: We accept either the PTCB or the NHA national certification. They have their own requirements and testing. You can research them at their websites: (or call 1-800-363-8012), and (or call 1-800-499-9092). 

2- If I am already nationally certified, or if I get nationally certified, can I go ahead and practice as a PT in West Virginia?

ANSWER: No. You must first get registered with the State.

3- So, how do how do I become registered in West Virginia with my national certification?

ANSWER: You must do 20 hours training under a pharmacist-in-charge and make application to the Board with proof of national certification and the 20-hour training.

4- If I am registered in another state how can I become registered in West Virginia (reciprocity or license transfer)?

ANSWER: We don’t have reciprocity given our training and national certification requirements.  You must complete training and get nationally certified.

5- I’m not nationally certified. How can I become a West Virginia registered pharmacy technician?

ANSWER: You must first register with the Board as a trainee, and either complete a school-based pharmacy-technician training program, or do an on-the -job training program where you work 960hours in a pharmacy in its training program within a 15-month period. Upon completion of the training program, you then must pass one of the two approved national PT certification examinations to become registered.

6- What type of questions are on the Examinations?

ANSWER: Please refer to their websites for information on their examinations.

7- Do I need continuing education to be a West Virginia registered pharmacy technician?

ANSWER: No. The Board does not have a CPE requirement for Pharmacy Technicians. However, to maintain PTCB or NHA CPhT certifications, you must comply with their requirements. PTCB and NHA have their own requirements for maintaining their certifications.

8- If I am not working do I have to renew my registration?

ANSWER: Yes and no, or not necessarily. If you do not renew, this will cause your registration to lapse. See next question.

9- If I do not renew my license in the designated renewal period are there any consequences?

ANSWER: You would have to complete a reinstatement application and take the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy Technician Examination and pay a fee of Two hundred and sixty ($260.00) dollars.

10- Do I have to let the Board know where I am working?

ANSWER: You must notify the Board in writing as to your place of employment and any change of address.

Source from: West Virginia Board of Pharmacy